Danger Noodle Card Game

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Avoid snakes at all costs in this zany game of proper animal names. Danger Noodle is a card game for people who love cute and kind animals like Forest Corgis, Prison Ponies and Floating Potatoes and who want to stay away from sharp and angry animals like Stab Rabbits, Furry Nopes, Murder Logs and Sea Spiders. The first player to collect 30 points wins - unless they draw a Danger Noodle card! Bring the quirky back to family or party game night with the trend-forward game that makes both a great travel or road companion or household favorite go to game. With its compact, portable size packaging, Danger Noodle is a great card game for vacations, getaways, group hangouts, couples retreats, holiday get togethers and more. Include a copy of Danger Noodle as a unique gift or stocking stuffer present and watch the smiles roll in! Why Danger Noodle? Danger Noodle was created by a (then) 20-something year old who loved renaming animals. What is a fox if not a Corgi of the forrest? What is a manatee if not a potato floating in the sea? With this love of proper animal names came the inspiration for a game that mixed roulette, push-your-luck, wagering-style game play with a popular theme among her milliennial peers (yes, this game was invented by a lady!). We hope you enjoy playing Danger Noodle as much as we've enjoyed bringing the game to market. If you love laughter, fun and pressing your luck among friends and family, you'll love this small but very mighty game.


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